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The Public Opinion of the Contract Security Market

The contract security industry has been striving for many years to elevate how it’s perceived in the public opinion marketplace and it has made great progress in this endeavor, in spite of Hollywood making movies like “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” and “Night at the Museum” that painted unflattering, demeaning pictures of security officers.


The contract security officer of today tends to be better educated, better trained, and in several areas, more qualified to handle the security functions demanded by the company’s customers. This didn’t happen overnight – it’s the result of efforts on the part of the owners that want their company to be a truly professional security organization; and national security organizations, such as; NASCO (www.nasco.org), ASIS International (www.asisonline.org), and NCISS (www.nciss.org), as well as the many state agencies and organizations working together to create legislation and best practices procedures for the industry. The general public also demanded this change, but there are still serious improvements that need to be, and are being, made in the industry. (WHITE PAPER On The U.S. CONTRACT SECURITY INDUSTRY 2014, Robert H. Perry & Associates, INC)



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